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Version History

Updated 3rd party libraries
Bug fixes and other improvements

Several subtitle updates, including Faster subtitle parsing (around 20%)
Don’t exit fullscreen when losing focus to a window on the same monitor
Updated 3rd party libraries
Bug fixes and other improvements

Subtitle fixes
Added translations
Support for icyx:// protocol
Updated several third-party libraries

Added translations, added internal filters, DVD bug fixes.


Menu changes, WebUI changed to HTML5, Updated translations, bug fixes.


Improved rendering, further supported codecs, bug fixes & improved functionality.


Improved UI
Greater video file compatibility
Playlist improvements
Minor bugfixes


Minor bug fixes


Major bug fixes


Support for SIPR, VP30/31, ALAC and WMV3 DXVA. Also minor bugfixes.


Mainly minor tweaks and bug fixes.


First beta version. Works with audio & major video formats and can open dvd, avi, mkv, mp4 and many more. Based on MPC-HT.